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Protect your investment!

With our special technologically advanced product and services, drainage systems for commercial properties can give you decades of service before requiring major repairs or replacement.

One example of many: our solutions to cracked or broken cast iron fixtures can be delivered with minimal disruption to your business, and our team has many innovative fixes for all your drainage needs.

As with most complex systems, preventative maintenance can save you significant costs over the long term. Properly managed, you can dramatically reduce the risk of blockages and leaks, which in turn can cause flooding and damage to property.

Additionally, planned maintenance also ensures the continued effective functioning of pipework and drainage systems over long periods of time.

Our preventative maintenance programs are tailored to the specific needs of each customer and include (but are not limited to):

  • Cleaning and clearing of drainage
  • Scale cutting
  • Tree root removal

Minimize expensive repairs

Regular servicing of older apartments and multi-tenant buildings is critical for avoiding expensive and disruptive repairs in the future. 

Small problems can be addressed before they become large problems and strategic fixes can be done to prevent disasters.

Cost effective and efficient upgrades

Routine maintenance can go a long way to ensuring the longevity of drainage systems, but inevitably a point will be reached where replacement is unavoidable. 

Traditionally, this could involve massive and expensive disruption in order to remove and replace part or all of a system.

We don’t believe there is any reason you should have to suffer that, and our constant search for new, innovative drainage solutions means that our tool bag contains solutions others simply can’t offer. 

Pipelining is an excellent example of these solutions but it isn’t the only one, and all of our solutions are dedicated to a simple proposition - resolving your drainage issues should cause minimal disruption while delivering maximum results.

If you fear that your existing drainage system may have reached the end of the road, speak to us.  We may have solutions you hadn’t even dreamed about!