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Victoria Drains is committed to our local community and causes that help improve the lives of our employees and their work environments. The trades have long been a place in need of a culture change and we are committed to diversity. In particular, we feel it is our duty to foster a welcoming work environment to all, devoid of bullying or prejudice.

Orange Shirt Day

Staff of Victoria Drains wearing orange on Orange Shirt Day

The annual Orange Shirt Day on September 30th originated in Williams Lake BC and opened the door to global conversation on all aspects of Residential Schools. It is an opportunity to create meaningful discussion about the effects of Residential Schools and the legacy they have left behind.

The date was chosen because it is the time of year in which children were taken from their homes to residential schools, and because it is an opportunity to set the stage for anti-racism and anti-bullying policies for the coming school year. It is an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come.

Here at Victoria Drains we have had many first nations employees over the years. For us, orange shirt day is an action that speaks louder than words: we acknowledge the injustice of Residential Schools and we welcome people from all walks of life to feel included in our business.

Pink Shirt Day

Staff of Victoria Drains wearing pink on Pink Shirt Day

Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and over the Internet. Each year, on Pink T-Shirt Day, we encourage our staff to wear pink to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying anywhere.

This day is dedicated to the cause against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny around the world.

We feel it is particularly important in the construction industry to take this stance as historically, heavy industry and construction has had serious problems with bullying. Victoria Drains is actively looking to diversify our work force and foster a working environment that is inclusive.