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In Victoria the diverse and spectacular natural environment is complemented by buildings that are full of character and variety — but while that is great for homeowners, it’s not so great news for your plumbing systems.

Both galvanized and copper piping systems have an expected service life of 40-60 years, and if not properly checked and maintained you risk erosion, leaks, and burst pipes.

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Bring in the Experts

It’s not just scheduled regular maintenance that is important.

Things can and often do go wrong and affect the ability of your water lines to give you the pressure and water flow you need.

This is why it’s important to understand what may be happening, and know when it’s time to bring in an expert:

High Water Pressure

  • This is usually anything above 80 psi, and it can cause a number of problems for your plumbing system. High water pressures will wear down faucets and seals, as well as putting stress on the pipes and joints.

Low Water Pressure

  • Typically anything below 40 psi, low water pressure won’t just be frustrating, with everything from showering to washing up affected, it will make your home less efficient and possibly increase your utility bills.

If you have any concerns about the water lines in your home, the only way to truly understand what’s happening is to bring in an expert.

Our technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are committed to understanding exactly what’s happening in your home so that we can solve the problem for you.