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Victoria Drains services pumps of all sizes and shapes.

What’s Done During A Water Pump Service?

From the largest sewer lift pumps to sump pumps we do it all. 

If you want to ensure that your pump is reliable and doesn’t fail, you need to invest in preventative maintenance and servicing. At Victoria Drains, we service and maintain a wide variety of pumps that are used in a number of different systems including water booster pumps, sewage treatment stations, and water pumping stations. Water pumps vary significantly depending on their application and it’s important to remember this when looking for information on maintenance and servicing of these systems. 

What’s Done During A Water Pump Service?

There are a lot of parts on a water pump station, which all require periodic attention to check their condition. 

  • Check the physical condition of the system to ensure it is secure and undamaged
  • Specifically examine the condition of the pump including its impeller, seals, bearings, valves and volute.
  • Assess the condition of pipework for wear or damage
  • Ensure sump and floats are clean
  • Check electrical components to ensure insulation is intact, fuses are in good condition and that bulbs and heaters are working properly
  • Finally, check that all safeguards are operating correctly and that alarm beacons and buzzers are functional.

This is a very basic overview of the pump system servicing process and different companies will complete services slightly differently. One thing that you should expect is a copy of a service record sheet with each of the elements checked against a system that indicates its condition. 

Knowing when to replace a water pump can be difficult. Most of the wear that occurs on a water pump is on the internal parts of the unit and therefore, can’t be seen until opened up. Therefore, in most cases, you will have to rely on your pump specialist to provide you with guidance during routine maintenance and servicing.