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Replacing a sewer line running from your home to the street main has historically been an unavoidably messy procedure. The old pipe has to be accessed, which requires a trench to be dug. The damaged line has to be removed and disposed of.  The trench has to be made ready to accept the new pipe, which must be brought to the site, assembled, and installed in the trench. All in all it’s a dirty job that has to be done but which can bring more than its fair share of disruption and debris all over your well-tended garden.

Like us, you probably think that there should be a better way. And there is!

Trenchless Sewer Repair - No Trench, Less Mess

Trenchless repair requires that only two holes be dug - one to feed the new pipe, the other to pull the pipe breaker head and the new pipe through to its destination.

The hardened steel breaker shatters the old sewer pipe allowing the new pipe to occupy the space it once used - no need for trenches and the disruption they cause. Not only does trenchless technology dramatically reduce disruption but it speeds up the entire process, resulting in quicker fixes.