Musgrave St. - Perimeter Drain Replacement

Perimeter drain replacement is a common maintenance issue that comes up every 80 years or so.  If you are the owner of an older home, this big ticket item may be in your future.  In Victoria, we have a huge number of houses built in the pre-war years, in and around... Read more »

Chester Ave. - Sewer lateral Pipe Lining

SITUATION: Repeated sanitary sewer lateral backups caused sewage to enter a dwelling through a basement shower drain. Cleaning the drain with an auger (rooter) had cleared the blockage temporarily, but it had not successfully abated the problem. CCTV camera inspection noted that... Read more »

BC Legislature - Pipe lining saves thousands of taxpayers dollars

SITUATION: After an inspection of a storm drain lateral at the BC Legislature it was found that the pipe had been compromised by roots and was cracked and had a chance of collapse due to the intrusion. The storm drain lateral was under the legislative library, several large... Read more »