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After an inspection of a storm drain lateral at the BC Legislature it was found that the pipe had been compromised by roots, was cracked and there was a chance of collapse due to the intrusion.

The storm drain lateral was under the legislative library, several large trees at the exterior of the legislature and the Speaker’s Chair monument were nearby. During consultation with the maintenance section of the legislature, it was determined that excavation should be a last resort in the rehabilitation of the compromised storm drain lateral, due to the location of the pipe.

Installing a Pull-in-Place liner within the existing pipe would be the preferred method of repair as it would be the least intrusive method of repair, leaving all the trees and monuments undisturbed and the grounds, parking areas and driveways intact.

A 60’ section of Pull-in-Place liner was installed through an existing manhole and a newly installed cleanout in the basement, under the legislative library. After cleaning and preparation of the compromised section of pipe, the Pull-in-Place liner section was placed, using CCTV cameras to verify position within the pipe.

Inflation of a bladder within the liner formed it to the existing pipe until cure of the epoxy was complete. CCTV camera inspection after the removal of the bladder found that the pipe had been successfully rehabilitated. The compromised section of pipe had been repaired and sealed from future root intrusion as well as infiltration from ground water and exfiltration of storm drainage water.

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