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Repeated sanitary sewer lateral backups caused sewage to enter a dwelling through a basement shower drain. Cleaning the drain with an auger (rooter) had cleared the blockage temporarily, but it had not successfully abated the problem. CCTV camera inspection noted that root intrusion through the joints of the 100-year-old vitrified clay pipe had been the cause of the repeated sewage backups. During inspection it was also noted that there were several inlets into the existing pipe which would need to be dealt with. The home owner did not want to disturb an established landscape by excavating or to destroy a concrete sidewalk section to replace the sanitary sewer lateral.

Installation of a 4” Pull-in-Place liner was recommended to rehabilitate the 100-year-old vitrified clay pipe. After clearing the blockage with pneumatic, high speed cleaning tools and cleaning the pipe with a high pressure water jetter a CCTV camera inspection determined the host pipe was prepared for the Pull-in-Place liner. The liner was measured and prepared for length and inlet location, then the epoxy was added to the liner material. Once the liner was thoroughly impregnated with epoxy it was pulled into place through an existing cleanout. A CCTV camera was used to verify proper liner placement within the host pipe and the bladder was inflated to ensure the liner was pressed tightly to the host pipe’s wall. Bladder removal was preformed after the appropriate epoxy cure time had passed and the pipe was re-inspected. The pipe was successfully rehabilitated without disturbing the landscape or removing any concrete.

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