Manhole mapping and rehabilitation

Municipal Manhole Mapping and Rehabilitation

Manhole restoration and repair can be a major task requiring that each sewer node be inspected and assessed.  When you consider the number of manholes in a municipality you quickly realize the enormity of the job. 

Victoria Drains has acquired the technology to tackle this quickly and efficiently while still producing detailed digital data on the physical state of each manhole.

3D Manhole Scanning Technology

We use the Cues SPiDER Scanner which is portable and operated from a tablet.  This is an extremely sophisticated piece of technology, creating a fully three-dimensional image of each manhole, allowing us to identify areas of concern for the municipalities and cities we work for. This allows infrastructure budgets and priorities to be accurately assessed and gives planning departments the knowledge to have a planned approach to their upgrades.


This is yet another example of applying cutting edge technology to everyday problems to deliver better results more quickly and more cost-effectively than traditional approaches.