Hydro excavating

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation, or hydro digging, is an alternative method of digging that has proven to be a boon in our area of the world when ground conditions can make traditional methods less effective and considerably more time-consuming.

Hydro excavation uses a combination of high pressure water to break up soil and an air vacuum to lift and remove the resulting slurry to a storage tank.  The components necessary to achieve this are easily truck mounted making for a neat, portable solution.

Hydro excavation is more precise than traditional methods of solid removal. It is also far less likely to cause damage to existing utilities, minimizing the possibility of disruption and expensive repairs with the attendant delays to the main task that can result.

This precision, married to the increased safety of operators and other site staff is why hydro excavation has become the preferred method of soil removal here in Canada and beyond.